Our King. Our Soul.

It’s been a very sad week for all Thais as we just lost our beloved king. Most of us feel like we are losing our father since he gave us a lot of love and care. I know it’s really hard for westerners to understand why we mourn so much. To put it straight, it’s because we all love King Bhumibol so much. But our amount of love is still very little comparing to his love and care towards us.

Thailand would not be able to be such a wonderful country like it is nowadays without our king’s lifetime contribution. He had been everywhere for a long 70 years to help developing the quality of living for all people who live in this kingdom, even in difficult time and in dangerous areas when communists threatened to overtake Thailand and drug traffic were very high around the borders. Remember American’s domino theory and our previous troublesome golden triangle?

His kindness are not limited to only Thais, but for people with all races and religions. His thousand works help bringing millions out of poverty and raising the standard of living. We are no longer a poor nation which is amazing considering that only 30 years ago, 85% of us were living in poverty.

Apart from his love to the people which earned him a title of The People’s King from abroad, one of the most important legacy that he left for mankind is “Sufficiency Economy” for sufficient living. You should learn what this theory is real quick. Since one day soon the world will need to practice this mantra.

Even when his presence is no longer here. His love and kindness still hugely affect people. Most noticeable in 0% crime rate in Bangkok for already over a week since he passed away.

I believe from now on, many Thais will move forward with more love and care in our hearts. We’ll give more to humanity and nature. Just like what our king showed us how to do and wanted us to be.


Take a walk to Temple of the Emerald Buddha to bid farewell to our king. Noted that all motorbikes are free as an expression of good deed for the king.


As our king is also know as King of Giving, it’s normal that we could find a free meal everywhere around the royal funeral.


Free fried eggs over rice.


We’re almost there.


Each day & night, Thais come here to be as close to our king as possible.


Lots of young people too.


During daytime, we could go inside the temple to sign our name. But to avoid a very long line, many people including us opted to place a flower & “Wai” by the wall.


Although the officials set tables to place flowers, they are still too small for vast numbers of grief.


Seem like everyone is here.


All kinds of respectful activities are happening around the temple’s wall.


We all feel our king is still here, in our hearts & souls.


This is an event of a lifetime. So no one’s mind if you take a picture or a selfie.


A sacred door.


Direct opposite to the temple, there’re 9 paintings on the Silpakorn University’s wall by students at the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts.


These paintings become famous overnight. Well done kids!!! This is the centerpiece of 9 paintings & my favorite. You can click the picture for more info.


Many people choose to stay overnight at SanamLuang. In order to wake up very early to get in line in the morning to be able to get inside the temple.

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