Kyra Body Bliss Bra Integrated Digital Campaign "@KylieNaka" from Well Done Bangkok on Vimeo.


Kyra, a lingerie brand wanted to promote Body Bliss, a new bra that provides women with a new level of comfortability. How could we make a small brand with a small budget like Kyra stand out in a market that’s crowded with celebrity endorsers?


Nowadays celebrities enhance their image by posting images about their lives on Instagram. This mobile platform’s unexpected huge popularity in Thailand even made ordinary people become overnight celebs, achieving this by posting interesting content. This is where we saw an opportunity for our market.

Introducing Miss Kylie Naka. A fitting doll as a symbol for women who feel uncomfortable and trapped in their bra. Without mentioning the Kyra bra at all, we started putting Kylie’s life on Instagram. For a month, we had her shoot and tell the story of the everyday woman’s life with extra acitvities like visiting an iconic Bangkok cop statue to encourage this adorable hard-working cop, having a social life with enviable friends, attracting even a popular rapper to make a song for her, etc.


These activities got picked up and heavily shared on social media. Some people re-edited her pictures as their own content. People kept following her moves and wondered who she was and who was behind this contemporary fairy tale. This way Kylie Naka became not just a viral hit, but a social network celebrity. At the height of her fame, we held a press conference, supported by a TVC and print campaign to reveal who Kylie Naka is. Our lifeless fitting doll came alive when she wore the Kyra Body Bliss bra.

Within a month, we got these results: 5,261 Followers on Instagram, 14,409 Followers on Facebook, 100,000 Views on YouTube

Kyra Body Bliss Bra Integrated Digital Campaign: @KylieNaka

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