B'lue Film "Be More Swag" from Well Done Bangkok on Vimeo.

Our film for B’lue feat. rap star P-HOT. With B’lue, he raps all day and always.


(P-HOT wakes up) Last night was clubbing till late. Please, lemme sleep for a bit more.

(P-HOT opens fridge) What the?! Last night’s noodle who ate it? Better order food delivery than to find where it goes.

(P-HOT orders food) Lemme order some food bro, I’m starving! Spicy chicken wing pizza pepperoni, OK?

(Food delivery guy) Your food is here.

(P-HOT opens the door) Thanks for super fast delivery even though you travelled so far. I’m so grateful.
Ah! Take my tip!

(Taxi rejects P-HOT) Got to return my car.

(P-HOT with taxi) Calling taxi but not even one goes.

(P-HOT with motorbike taxi) Tell me bro, why are they even driving a taxi?

(P-HOT’s friend) How can you rap all day, how can you rap always?

(P-HOT) Then try this!

(P-HOT in party) If your rap is cool, if you rhyme flows, then show it! See you on the stage for no-ordinary people.

Ordinary is not our way.

B’lue Film: Be More Swag

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