B'lue Film "Be More Inspired" from Well Done Bangkok on Vimeo.

Our online film for B’lue feat. beauty blogger star Nutt Nisamanee.


(Nutt) Hello everybody! Today I’m going to show you how to do a brand new makeup look.
(Assistant) Wait! This episode will be a special one. Nutt, you have been challenged.

(Nutt) What!? Who dares to challenge me!?
(Assistant) You’re challenged by B’lue. The mission is to flick your brush in Be More style using these. Can you do it?
(Nutt) Come on then! Let me summon my inner strength! OK, my inner strength is here! Ready!

(Nutt) Do I look tasty?
(Assistant) You’ll surely get eaten! Do some makeup for me too!
(Nutt) Here, take my inner strength for now, lady!

Thanks B’lue for challenging me to be more.
Feel so good. Hope this episode inspires everyone to dare to do things in no-ordinary way.
B’lue believes that in everyone’s inner does want to be more,
so we challenge you to share a pic of your no-ordinary makeup look and I will ‘flick my brush’ to turn the chosen ones to be even more.

Be More Inspired With B’lue. Ordinary is not our way.

See you in the event! For more info, Facebook: Be More With B’lue.

B’lue Film: Be More Inspired

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